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Zamboanga Trip!

YEEEY! I'm super excited to share my escapades and everything that happened during our trip. So we had scheduled a flight on January 27-30, 2012, bound to Zamboanga. Zamboanga as a peninsula holds sway as the Diadem of the Philippine South. By Diadem i mean being a royalty crown down south. Also known as the Little Spain in our country, this Asia's Latin City is the only city where you will hear Chabacano, that lilting delightful patois that's 70% Spanish with the rest a mixture of other dialects! Amazing! Whenever i hear the people here talk and more so while hearing mass, you would find it difficult to distinguish the Spanish words from the others!

Patron Saint of Zamboanga City: Nuestra SeƱora del Pilar
Metropolitan Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception - (Founded: 1816)
The Muslims have been an integral part of Zamboanga City since the beginning. Before any other religions were practiced in Zamboanga City, The Muslim religion already had a firm hold of the area.

At night Paseo del Mar is well lit and usually there are police officers around for security.the bajao kids in their bancas paddle along the breakwater walkways and entice the visitors to throw coins into the sea water. It's fun to watch the badjaos dive and fetch the coin before it hits bottom. :)

Pasonanca Boy Scout Teepees. There are several teepees in the campground for camping. This campground is often visited by many scouting groups in the area.  It is renowned as a tourist attraction. The boy scout of the Philippines has one of it's training centers located here. 


We also visited one of the tourist spots known as Vista del Mar. We planned to swim here and enjoy the sun however the it is not highly recommended because the beach front and even the shallow part of the water is bombarded with rocks and filled with sea weeds. Not the ideal type. We enjoyed the scenery and the peaceful waves that comes with the experience though.


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