The Tarsier Experience

/ Wednesday, February 8, 2012 /


They are not actually monkeys, they are PRIMATES
They spend their entire lives on tress which makes them arboreal. 
Hunts during the night as they usually sleep during the day
Their normal color? GREY.

On their feet are two grooming claws, not one like most animals ..
have you ever seen the hands and feet of tarsiers up close?

When a female gives birth it is to a single offspring.  
A pregnancy lasts for approximate 180 days or six months. Lifespan is 12-22 years old. 
Their diet that consists of mainly insects and they do have to be live to be eaten. 
Favorite dish may be mosquitoes.

Big eyes gives them a  very acute night vision which makes them good hunters during the dark. 
Big ears can move in the direction of any noise and their heads can swivel through 180 degrees. 
This all helps to hunt efficiently. 

Their eyes are large they are fixed into their sockets unlike human. 
Hence they need to be able to move their neck and head instead instead of their eyes. 
Their neck is especially adapted so that can turn their head 300 degrees. 

Tarsiers cannot walk on land, but if they happen to find themselves on land,they actually hop back to trees. They are sensitive creatures, prone to depression when alone. If they become unhappy it is said that they commit suicide by banging their heads on something hard like cage bars.


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