Love is in the Air

/ Friday, March 30, 2012 /
We barely made a day this week without my nightly ranting about all the stuffs that seem to be endless in space occupying my entirety. You always had that calming presence and amiable spirit that soothes my nerves when things get really exasperating. You were there when my personal peeves were around. I will truly cherish that.  Thank you for making it bearable today.

Proud Sister!

/ Wednesday, March 28, 2012 /

I'm Big sister for a gap of 6 years 
And nothing can be much more of an accomplishment than seeing her get her diploma
She has done an amazing job in academics and surviving 101 of High school life
You have gone a long way and we're proud of you Chela

Naga, Bicol. Summer Starts Here!

/ Monday, March 26, 2012 /

I just had to post some of these! March 25 during our little event in Naga, Bicol. First time to meet Wendy, she's fun and friendly. At first she could look a little 'off-the-hook' cause she does have this sharp yet pretty features that may be mistaken as snooty; but when you start to converse with her you'll get more relaxed just about every time.

Kuya Mike's Birthday Dinner at Malabon!

/ Sunday, March 18, 2012 /
Back Row: Kuya Mike, Lian, Ate Nina, Chel
Mid Row: ME, Ate Chiqui, Kuya Den's wife and Kuya Den
Right side: Ate Cris and Pauleen

Chel and I! 

Such lovely cousins! I received an invite to a dinner party for Kuya Mike last night. Last minute though, we were able to celebrate with him his wonderful "18th" Birthday. ECHOS. :)  Cousins were there and I had so much fun seeing all of them and just talking and taking pictures. I'm so happy!! My cousin Ate Cris is the wife of Kuya Mike, and her sister Ate Nina, and brothers Kuya Kiko and Kuya Jap are some of the best cousins in the world! They are so fun to be with and super chill whenever we hang out. The last time were all together was I think a year ago which was in AMBER to celebrate homecoming of Jeff (relative) from the States.

 I love being able to tour their house! The small dinner was held at the roof top of their house in Malabon and it had a catering service which made me super hungry. My favorite food was their Chicken Teriyaki. BEST DEAL, like the ones from Kimono Ken and Sumo Sam!! There was also Pauleen's ultimate favorite, TEMPURA (unfortunately it made me itchy when i tried to take a bite)  :) Little bulilits of Kuya Mike and Ate Chris were also there! Kids running around, all over the place reminds me of how we used to be! Malilikot!

I'm so happy that though it was just recently that we became very close to each other and we spent childhood apart, we have such harmonious personalities. I admire their family, very generous, down to earth and loving. We were there until around midnight and it was amazing.
/ Thursday, March 15, 2012 /

This blogpost is dedicated to my wonderful sister who celebrated her 14th Birthday last March 13!
Her name is Maja and she's brilliant. 
She stands 5'6 1/2. She's a TUMBLR fan. Loves Mr. Chips. Likes Kendall Jenner a lot. <3

During Dinner at YAKIMIX.
Oh how FUN it is to have such adorable sisters!:)

animated gif maker
And so we had a dine out in YAKIMIX in their Tomas Morato branch to celebrate my sister's bday! Yakimix offers variety of food from different authentic Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Philippine food. You will enjoy the eat all you can salmon, sashimi, sushi, and tuna! You can select food that would suit your taste like Korean Barbecue as well as American Beef, US Bacon, korean beef local meat from the Philippines and seafood ranging from shrimps, squids and more! The thrill of the experience comes in because you gotta cook it yourself in  the middle of your dine table! :) You make your own sauce for the meat with onion paste, onion springs,condiments and their special sauce and spices.
You will also enjoy the Salad Area when you want a more healthy food.

Chela enjoying her food. :D
The dessert was wonderful with selecta ice cream of different flavors, popsicles, fresh fruits, mango sago (we were sooo happy!), pastries, mini cakes, etc!  
We definitely loved the ICE CREAM CHEST!

My ultimate favorite though was their MANGO CREPE. ZOMG. I Die in delight. 0_o

Maja's Birthday Gifts!
Book from Nicholas Sparks 

and PURPLE LACOSTE BAG from my Dad!

I see myself going back. Real value for money. :)
I am very surprised and happy to have had such a good dining experience with my Family!
I love Dinners out! 

Location: 2nd Floor, Forum Building
270 Tomas Morato Avenue
Quezon City, Philippines
Telephone: (63) -2 - 3328073 
Hours: Daily
11:00 am - 2:00 pm / 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Price per Person: 
Php 499.00 - Mon to Sat Lunch
Php 599.00 - Dinner, Sunday, & Holidays
+ Php 65.00 for bottomless drinks  


/ Wednesday, March 14, 2012 /
I love my Baby. Thank you for making it special once again and greeting me with the warmest 'I Love You' from you. Bursting with happiness with how the day turned out. Almost there. ♥ It started pretty rough but of course, again, we'll always have each other's backs. Happy Monthsary, here's one for you. :)

So many opportunities & blessings coming our way!!! It's overwhelming. Thank You, God! :) we acknowledge you for ALL the great things. :) 
/ Sunday, March 11, 2012 /

             There in IL MERCATO Food Bazaar, there's wide selection of table desserts to choose from. What attracted me most is the one of Chef Jo's SWEETUMS. There she had a variety, and by that i mean, A WHOLE TABLE-FUL of cakes to choose from! From Blueberry cakes to Oreo Cheesecakes to Chip Ahoy Delight to Black Forest which was amazingly gooood! CHEF JO absolutely knows how to work it! Very intricate and oh-so good to look at, it was also nicely packaged, neat and appetizing. We ordered to try them on after having our main course and definitely, these are excellent desserts you can't resist! Will definitely have them again next time we go to eat here!


/ Saturday, March 10, 2012 /
We went to IL MERCATO in Metrowalk, Ortigas to have a sumptuous family dinner! Dad said that there's a food bazaar at night (7pm-4am) wherein it offers a variety of food choices from giant Fish Miso, (which my parents ordered for only P150 and they were so full!), lutong-bahay Pinoy favorite meals, there were also Beef Ribs, Shawarma, BBQ, ihaw-ihaw, Pasta, and a whole good of desserts! So delightful! Everything there was fairly priced and budget-friendly. :D What I ordered for myself though was oh-so-gooood Chicken Cordon Bleu!!  :)

One of the best parts of the night was when I tried MOCHI, a dessert which my sister has been raving about! She first had a Mochi when she was staying in LA :)

Sweet ice cream wrapped in soft fluffy dough and dusted with a white powdery coating
This dessert has it's unique, powder-like texture that. This is actually a Japanese confection made from pounded sticky rice which the name 'mochi' came from. 

The pulverized glutinous rice is then stretched to a form that shapes a 'ponkan' fruit. A very appealing mound of heaven's ice cream is inside it which is rich in flavor and very creamy in texture. It is then dusted with powdered sugar to finish the Mochi Balls. There are many flavors to choose from, but the store owner said that the one's that are most in-demand are the Green Tea or what they call as 'Matcha', Red bean or 'Azuki', Chocolate and Strawberry. 

They are usually sold in packs but here in Il Mercato, they sold it individually and it can be quite expensive. Each of these Mochi Balls is sold for P50. For all it's worth, it's a must-try! Truly Decadent! :) Interested to make your own? Have a guide on how to have a homemade Mochi, click here!
The flavor I had was Quesumi 'Cheese' and I love it!

 This chewy sweet bliss dessert tastes good! Picture above was from another blogger who also had a feedback about Mochi ice cream :D Click here
/ Tuesday, March 6, 2012 /
"The surest way to become, is to playact" -unknown

Oh I love this topic. It emphasizes the message that whenever you wish to change yourself but find it difficult, start as children pretending that you already are. As you play at being you wish to become, the playact itself will surely transform you.

A lot of times we become doubtful of ourselves, myself included; and during these times we feel so caught up and the grapple of chains around our throats cuts the air we breathe in. Okay that was an exaggeration; but still, look at how many men and women for that matter, capitulates to the belief of the society that you are NOT GOOD ENOUGH? Get done with it. Remind yourself that whatever makes you happy, you deserve it. And even before you discovered what makes you happy in life, God has already equipped you with the things you need in order to achieve them. GO GET THEM!

Believe that you're always up to meaningful things. Today is the best day for you to get going on something totally new. You ought to be able to get a lot of things done by doing the playact. You'll sure to find a strong support system behind you, myself included.

/ /

/ Thursday, March 1, 2012 /

Okay:) This may sound superficial to some, but to me, it makes perfect sense. I get that excited vibe whenever I cook Pancakes. The precision of making it round and impeccable makes cooking all the more obsessive. Basic ingredients known by almost everybody are flour, eggs, butter, some water and for some, they put on a little bit of honey already in the mixture which will make it ready-to-eat right away.

Oh btw, I admit I'm not the downright exemplary of chef/bakers/regular cooks who do just amazing when it comes to preparing food, but I am slowly excelling at it! :)

The beauty of this post is just a reminder to us that everyone starts at something, somewhere. And judging that great people started out big right away is a complete fallacy. They started small, and practice what they do best, and little by little, with every attempt they make, they gain more and more enthusiasm and commitment in making the next 'try' a perfect one.

And so I relate this to my pancakes. Well obviously the one you're seeing right now is not ideally the 'perfectly done' product. However, I wouldn't be stopping only here; I will do more pancakes, and even if it will take me to do a hundred more pancakes just to get it right, commitment and the love for it will get the best of me.

Here's the finished product!

Thank you for reading this post! Much Love, Margaret


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