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Okay:) This may sound superficial to some, but to me, it makes perfect sense. I get that excited vibe whenever I cook Pancakes. The precision of making it round and impeccable makes cooking all the more obsessive. Basic ingredients known by almost everybody are flour, eggs, butter, some water and for some, they put on a little bit of honey already in the mixture which will make it ready-to-eat right away.

Oh btw, I admit I'm not the downright exemplary of chef/bakers/regular cooks who do just amazing when it comes to preparing food, but I am slowly excelling at it! :)

The beauty of this post is just a reminder to us that everyone starts at something, somewhere. And judging that great people started out big right away is a complete fallacy. They started small, and practice what they do best, and little by little, with every attempt they make, they gain more and more enthusiasm and commitment in making the next 'try' a perfect one.

And so I relate this to my pancakes. Well obviously the one you're seeing right now is not ideally the 'perfectly done' product. However, I wouldn't be stopping only here; I will do more pancakes, and even if it will take me to do a hundred more pancakes just to get it right, commitment and the love for it will get the best of me.

Here's the finished product!

Thank you for reading this post! Much Love, Margaret



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