Kuya Mike's Birthday Dinner at Malabon!

/ Sunday, March 18, 2012 /
Back Row: Kuya Mike, Lian, Ate Nina, Chel
Mid Row: ME, Ate Chiqui, Kuya Den's wife and Kuya Den
Right side: Ate Cris and Pauleen

Chel and I! 

Such lovely cousins! I received an invite to a dinner party for Kuya Mike last night. Last minute though, we were able to celebrate with him his wonderful "18th" Birthday. ECHOS. :)  Cousins were there and I had so much fun seeing all of them and just talking and taking pictures. I'm so happy!! My cousin Ate Cris is the wife of Kuya Mike, and her sister Ate Nina, and brothers Kuya Kiko and Kuya Jap are some of the best cousins in the world! They are so fun to be with and super chill whenever we hang out. The last time were all together was I think a year ago which was in AMBER to celebrate homecoming of Jeff (relative) from the States.

 I love being able to tour their house! The small dinner was held at the roof top of their house in Malabon and it had a catering service which made me super hungry. My favorite food was their Chicken Teriyaki. BEST DEAL, like the ones from Kimono Ken and Sumo Sam!! There was also Pauleen's ultimate favorite, TEMPURA (unfortunately it made me itchy when i tried to take a bite)  :) Little bulilits of Kuya Mike and Ate Chris were also there! Kids running around, all over the place reminds me of how we used to be! Malilikot!

I'm so happy that though it was just recently that we became very close to each other and we spent childhood apart, we have such harmonious personalities. I admire their family, very generous, down to earth and loving. We were there until around midnight and it was amazing.


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