/ Tuesday, July 31, 2012 /
It's been too long since I last posted! Waah I miss you blogging! Couldnt find enough time like i used to because of work and occasional sickness because of the bipolar weather here in Manila. Anywhoo... WHOOOO!!!  I received this from CINEMALAYA. Thank you to my very good friend Bianca who's friends with Marketing peeps from UP Diliman.

Here's a sneak peek of their Proposal Letter! I love doing events, I hope for more future events to come! I meet a lot of extraordinary enthusiastic people!

The West Kitchen Creme Puffed my day!

/ Thursday, July 26, 2012 /
 Hey Hey! The West Kitchen located at the West Avenue is now open to serve you! When I went to their place to pick up the goodies, we had quite a struggle finding the exact location as the shop was entirely spotless from the road. You will have  to go down your car and really see where the shop is actually situated, which surprised me to know that it is itself, the house of the baker, my college friend, Gino. :)

Goodies were Creme Puffs and it comes in 4 pieces in a small box like the one I'm holding.
Visit them at
Address: West Avenue, 1105 Quezon City, PhilippinesContact number: 9215223

/ Wednesday, July 25, 2012 /
I Invest in some classic pieces of apparel that make sense for my wardrobe and lifestyle



/ Monday, July 16, 2012 /
 Ambiance is always perfect there. Cleanliness, Lighting and perfect sitting couches is LVE.
Ideal for friends-catching up, for hang outs and meet ups, for studying and doing paper works! Keep up the good work! Amazing, I would live here if I could! haha! :P

Visit CHATIME at their branch in Eton, Centris and you'll surely have a great day ahead!

Hangovers at 20

/ Sunday, July 15, 2012 /

Savor those 20s hangovers...
They are a gift from God so that you’ll always remember what your tolerance level is.

Your hangover recovery time is like flippin’ Wolverine in your 20s. You wake up, feel like death, pull on some shades, gulp down coffee or maybe a bloody Mary and whine about your headache over brunch. Oh, boo hoo. When you’re older, every hangover is Apocalypse F-cking Now. You’re not making it to brunch. You’re not making it off your goddamn floor in a weeping puddle of regret.



/ Friday, July 13, 2012 /
Most of the times I compare myself.
Though I know it's not wise do to do.
But I compare to see how much difference I am given compared to the rest.

To those who are/have "more", i sometimes feel insecure, jealous and even frustrated
Thinking how beautiful or awesome life has been for them

To those who have "less", it makes me feel abundant and blessed
Thinking how beautiful and awesome life has been for me

In life, I don't think we would ever stop comparing ourselves entirely
We can lessen, and take control up to a point though that it wouldn't bother us as much

It's a wonderful life, that God has created.
When feeling inevitably lonely, SEEK GOD.
When feeling happy, PRAISE GOD.
When feeling just Alive, THANK GOD.


/ Thursday, July 12, 2012 /

Feels like there's a hole inside my heart
Burning it to pieces, burning like ashes
I couldn't take back time.

But If you could, What could have you done another way if time can be reversed all over again?
For me, it's tormenting to know how much time was wasted
College was over and it just keeps sinking in as I rewind
The times i spent mocking myself, locking to the depths of humanly impossible people
I was unknowingly wasting the time I could have spent realizing who I am in this world
And what I can give and what I can offer

How tormenting and scrutinizing
How drastically painful as it still slashes my heart now that years have passed by
Tears on cheeks falling immensely, regrets and mistakes are memories made
I gasp for air yet can't seem to lighten the burden that heavily surrounds my entirety

Decisions done carelessly and hastily are the worst ones I have and will ever have again
Breaks my heart that I am hopeless with how it all turned out to be
I have not gotten what I wish for myself
But I would be strong and carry on.


The West Kitchen

/ Tuesday, July 10, 2012 /

It is the start of July and we are re-launching The West Kitchen by giving away 25 COMPLIMENTARY BOXES to the first 25 people to SHARE this photo!

This Introductory promo is from July 1 to 7, 2012. The Redemption period is from July 13 to 15, 2012. Redemption is only through PICK-UP (93 West Avenue, Quezon City), with a one-day notice to ensure our "freshly baked" policy.

We will be posting the list of the lucky 25 people who shared the photo on July 8, Sunday.
Thank you and have a great Sunday!
The West Kitchen. Taste the home-baked advantage.

Hey guys! The list is up! Sorry for the delay. Check it out and you might be part of the lucky 25! Please let us know that you were able to see your name on the list to confirm that you will be claiming it.

Redemption dates are from July 13-15, 2012, 9am to 6pm at 93 West Avenue, Quezon City.
Thanks for joining guys! We are so excited for you to see what's inside!!!


The West Kitchen provides us a taste of home-baked advantage. This genius entrepreneurship is started by my colleague and classmate in college Gino and now he makes me so proud because of what he started. All the best of success for my fellow!

A special woman in my life

/ Monday, July 9, 2012 /
There are so many things she did for you and I. 
We call them mother, but I also call her Hero.

Thank you for all the life lessons you've shared and the emotions I've learn throughout the years
I have become stronger, wiser, braver and more capable. 
Pushing me to the limits gave me another idea on the other flip side of the coin.

Happy Birthday Mom! :)

Millionaire Mind Academy with Mr. Chinkee Tan

/ Friday, July 6, 2012 /

  We started the seminar at 11am and ended 8pm. That was quite a looong sitting for all of us! We paid P950 for CHINKEE TAN'S Millionaire Academy Training. 

 SOME OF THE MOST IMPORTANT LESSONS I TOOK DOWN FROM THIS SESSION and a couple of life lessons I would like to share to you:

1.  It's the people that moves the product.
2.  The power of ATTITUDE brings you to the highest ALTITUDE.
3.  It's not only about how much you make but how much you SAVE.
4.  Understand the law of LINEAR INCOME to LEVERAGE INCOME.
5.  Never put your eggs in one basket.
6.  When you DESIGN your life. it must be based on FUNCTION.
7. Choose the people you surround with. A complainer breeds a complainer. A millionaire breeds a  millionaire. (Walk with the wise and you will be wise)
9.  Be then BEST and then you will be SOUGHT AFTER.

 *For further inquiries just place comment below so I can elaborate further what they mean.



Become the best, and Money will follow.

 Sometime around the end of the afternoon, things got mono-toned and the topics were basically and relatively BASIC as redundant as it may sound. He shared a couple of principles. A lot of his life stories... More principles and not much of exact strategies or ways you can apply those principles. I am one of those who have eagerly been mastering these kind of talks and mentoring. He was overall a grade of 7/10 for me. I got a lot of help from books especially from my first mentor book from BO SANCHEZ. BO teaches financial freedom and and how to happily live the rest of your life. He is quite the most admirable author I could ever get to know in person. Other mentors include international writer ANDREW MATTHEWS from whom hailed my interest in book reading.

 So much for that day! Ciao Bellas!

MorningPerfectBreakfast with #TSMS #DilimanPrep

/ Thursday, July 5, 2012 /
Ok so today, was really excited I also felt so lazy day at the same time. At the start of the morning, i woke up so happy that i was able to eat what i want for breakfast this day, CORNED BEEF and EGGS. #whoohoo! I even caught myself smiling randomly looking stupid. But anyway, the point is, I gotta choose my breakfast which is a seldom occasion. :)

Early Morning, I packed up my bag and headed to my sister's school and dropped her off. (There's a feeling and sense of accomplishment for me every time i do that to my sisters).

Around 10 in the morning, went to my first agenda of the day, which was to send a proposal business letter to my high school alma mater "THE SEED MONTESSORI" near Don Antonio and yes it was quick and fast and was able to see former familiar faces. :) I'm very excited to do school events with this school come October!

In the afternoon, did some errands in the bank and then though I second-thought of the idea if i should go today to DILIMAN PREPARATORY SCHOOL cause I'm feeling immensely lazy, I followed my instinct to push through it.

Good thing what I did was right! People and staff of DPS were friendly and accommodating. I first headed to Marketing Dept. and talked to Ms. MJ Magno about the proposal and future events of the school and we were both quite very enthusiastic. I am looking forward to their call. :)
Then I took the chance to see their school canteen myself. It was quite big and clean, I'm impressed! Stalls were color-coordinated, chairs and tables were organized, and there were quite a number of stalls there, around 15 varieties to choose from. I talked to 2 prominent canteen heads Sir ED and Ms. Gemma and they were incredibly approachable :) Looking forward to do a lot of events with DPS in the future, I like this school!
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When we know that the cause of something is in ourselves, and that we (ourselves) are one of the few things in the universe that we have the right and ability to change, we begin to get a sense of the choices we really do have, an inkling of the power we have, a feeling of being in charge... of our lives, of our future, of our dreams.

Ultimate Palawan Experience!

/ Monday, July 2, 2012 /

Day 2, we got into our tour package. The agenda is UNDERGROUND RIVER. Along the way, we did a stop-over. Here we took some shots around. Check them out!

This logo was so funny that i just had to take a shot at it!

Palawenos are sure to have mad skills for crafts!


Take note of their ferry rate! But it comes with the package when you have it.


It's a great bonding time for family especially when you do it for the first time.


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