Act In spite of Discomfort

/ Wednesday, February 29, 2012 /

The poster up there is a very helpful tool, not only for you but admittedly for me as well. I would constantly look at it because it makes me go the extra mile with everything that I do.

Why is acting in spite of discomfort do important? Because "comfortable" is where you are right now. If you want to move into a new level in your life, you must break through your comfort zone and practice doing the things that you  are not comfortable.

Ordinary people  are not willing to sacrifice that and be uncomfortable. Remember, being comfortable is their biggest priority in life. But the truth is? Being comfortable is overrated.  Being comfortable makes you feel warm, fuzzy and secure, but it doesn't allow you to grow and expand your comfort zone.

With everything that's new to you, it feel uncomfortable in the start. That's how it goes. Everything is uncomfortable in the beginning, but if you stick with it and continue, you will eventually move through the 'uncomfort' zone and succeed. Then you will have a 'new' expanded version of yourself, which means you are a bigger person then yesterday.



From now on, whenever you feel uncomfortable, instead of retreating back into  our old comfort zone, pat yourself at the back and say "I must keep on growing", and continue moving forward.

Consciously practice going into your UNCOMFORT ZONE and doing what scares you.

When you S-T-R-E-T-C-H yourself and you expand your comfort zone. Good luck to us! Cheers! :D
/ Sunday, February 26, 2012 /
(This is a portion of the blog which will be continuous and not necessarily shared in order. Every entry will be introduced with a hanging sentence that would be completed such as the phrase below. These posts are thoughts of the moment that would be shared to it's readers. Here's the first part, hope you'll like reading it!)



I have high regards when it comes to people who have this extraordinary skill and talent in coming up with their own concept and making it into reality though colors and figures. It has only been once that I have seen a 'live' graffiti artist do an actual work on to a wall and that was for an event in Greenbelt 3. 

I was on my way home and i was hurrying my way back when suddenly i passed by this event, and I just had to stop even for a minute and be at an awe with how fast and incredulously amazing the artist made a boring wall 'ALIVE'.

/ Saturday, February 25, 2012 /

Coins always make sounds but paper bills are always silent.

 So when your value increases,

keep yourself SILENT and HUMBLE 

/ /
Treated Chela Strawberry Yogo from Zentea
in E. rod area and this made her happy!
I'm happy then as well! :)

I'm not your typical "tea" drinker, but this is one place that you can catch me enjoying one of their chai teas. The only qualms I have are with the limited menu  and parking space. I think ZENTEA comes in quite a pricey package. An XL drink costs P90 and it's as big as the one in the picture. The Large cost P80, with an utter difference in amount, so better get the XL. Strawberry Yogo was surprisingly delicious. Overall, a great meet-up spot. Looking forward to more food trip discoveries! 
/ Friday, February 24, 2012 /
 Congratulations for the good 3 years of this awesome place! Had been very in demand!

The Only Way to Succeed is to Not Worry About what Anyone Else Is Doing

/ Thursday, February 23, 2012 /
This statement struck me at LARGE. I have been a victim of a mortal wrong doing of comparing my level to where others have gone by now and where they would be heading. What's the cost of such impish act? 

My own time and effort, wasted. My own LIFE is on the LINE. 

Be busy making your own life Remarkable. 
MORE time to build your character, 
LESS time to make comparisons with others :)

The 100 Roses Valentines Day

/ Tuesday, February 14, 2012 /
This day was a darling. This is the period I find totally unpredictable. 
Krey you are a wonderful person, thank you for your effort and time 
in making sure I feel special today. I will always treasure the memories. 

Thank you so much, I loved it!
Thank you for the poem.
Thank you for the roses.
Made me a happy girl :)
/ Monday, February 13, 2012 /
Now I know where I should go.. hmm. :)


/ Sunday, February 12, 2012 /
 Oh my gosh my DREAM HOUSE. I have been always enjoying seeing photos from different places and much to my content, every single one of the hotels i've seen were beautiful. However, the design and concept made by Joya Residences really grabbed my attention. These are the designs of the house that suit my personality so well, i couldn't explain myself any further. Elegant but vibrant and modern at the same time; very comfortable yet a Classic touch of sophistication is what makes this package a Perfect 10 for me. Unlike the typical all white, or the rigid hotel-looking rooms, Joya Bedrooms makes me want to live here forever. If I would be someday the designer of my own house, this is how it will look like ->Bedroom 1 Loft and 1 Bedroom. :D

The Tarsier Experience

/ Wednesday, February 8, 2012 /


They are not actually monkeys, they are PRIMATES
They spend their entire lives on tress which makes them arboreal. 
Hunts during the night as they usually sleep during the day
Their normal color? GREY.

On their feet are two grooming claws, not one like most animals ..
have you ever seen the hands and feet of tarsiers up close?

When a female gives birth it is to a single offspring.  
A pregnancy lasts for approximate 180 days or six months. Lifespan is 12-22 years old. 
Their diet that consists of mainly insects and they do have to be live to be eaten. 
Favorite dish may be mosquitoes.

Big eyes gives them a  very acute night vision which makes them good hunters during the dark. 
Big ears can move in the direction of any noise and their heads can swivel through 180 degrees. 
This all helps to hunt efficiently. 

Their eyes are large they are fixed into their sockets unlike human. 
Hence they need to be able to move their neck and head instead instead of their eyes. 
Their neck is especially adapted so that can turn their head 300 degrees. 

Tarsiers cannot walk on land, but if they happen to find themselves on land,they actually hop back to trees. They are sensitive creatures, prone to depression when alone. If they become unhappy it is said that they commit suicide by banging their heads on something hard like cage bars.

Bohol City tour

/ Tuesday, February 7, 2012 /

Oh  BOHOL!  The first thing that comes into my mind when i hear about this city is the classic Chocolate Hills. Secondly, the well-renowned eye-popping small creatures we call Tarsiers.

1. When you reach Bohol and you spend time here as tourist, you will ofcourse ask what are the delicacies that is found/made uniquely in Bohol. The two most recommended would always be PEANUT KISSES and CALAMAY.

 2. Boholanos pride themselves in making crafts

Have you ever wondered how many hills there really are? 1,268 chocolate hills. The Chocolate Hills are probably Bohol's most famous tourist attraction. The hills are covered in green grass that turns brown during the dry season, giving them the name ''Chocolate Hills. Referred as Jewels of the Philippines, this is located in Carmen, Bohol, an approximately an hour and a half away from they city proper.

At the top of the hill, you can also see there are a lot of things and food you can buy. It might be more pricey though. Ooops. :) If you plan to buy souvenirs it will be best to buy in the city where price range of shirts and goods would be net price more or less. On the average, shirt souvenirs are sold for P220. You can, however see same shirts that will cost you less in Loboc River stalls which gave me shirts priced at P190.

And of course, a vacation and tourist spot would not be complete without the oh so friendly vendors of glam! Here in the picture below was a last minute capture but i just had to take a shot because i love the colors of all the jewelries that they sell!
4. Hanging Bridge

Across the upper part of the Loboc River in Bohol is a hanging bamboo bridge that is a major tourist attraction. Located in the municipality of Sevilla, Bohol, the 'Sipatan Haging Bridge' more commonly known for the name of Hanging Bridge of Bohol is more or less 40 meters long which crosses the Sipatan River. 

Composed of Bamboos and hardened steels which was initially used by locals to cross the river to the other side, it hangs approximately 25 meters above the water and it sways back and forth as you pass! It seems to me that the bridge was moving against my steps and feels like i was in an action movie the whole time! I had to rush to the other side of the rope because we were in a hurry that time. Good thing my sister was able to capture some memorable pictures to freeze those 'fear factor' moments! 

5.  Bilar Man-made Forest (drive thru)

In the 1960's, a nationwide reforestation program was launched by the government under, then president, Diosdado Macapagal. It was actually spearheaded by then governor Lino Chatto,  that thousands of Mahogany seedlings were to be planted on a cleared area of 857.4 hectares in Bilar and Loboc towns. 

The lush green forest is being enjoyed by everyone who passes through it. Thousands of Mahogany trees can be seen here in Bilar's Man-made Forest along the road as you travel to Chocolate Hills. A sidetrip can be refreshing as the ambience is cool and peaceful.

Tarsier Experience and 'Prony the Python' are up in the next blog!
/ Monday, February 6, 2012 /
Zamboanga Trip!

YEEEY! I'm super excited to share my escapades and everything that happened during our trip. So we had scheduled a flight on January 27-30, 2012, bound to Zamboanga. Zamboanga as a peninsula holds sway as the Diadem of the Philippine South. By Diadem i mean being a royalty crown down south. Also known as the Little Spain in our country, this Asia's Latin City is the only city where you will hear Chabacano, that lilting delightful patois that's 70% Spanish with the rest a mixture of other dialects! Amazing! Whenever i hear the people here talk and more so while hearing mass, you would find it difficult to distinguish the Spanish words from the others!

Patron Saint of Zamboanga City: Nuestra SeƱora del Pilar
Metropolitan Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception - (Founded: 1816)
The Muslims have been an integral part of Zamboanga City since the beginning. Before any other religions were practiced in Zamboanga City, The Muslim religion already had a firm hold of the area.

At night Paseo del Mar is well lit and usually there are police officers around for security.the bajao kids in their bancas paddle along the breakwater walkways and entice the visitors to throw coins into the sea water. It's fun to watch the badjaos dive and fetch the coin before it hits bottom. :)

Pasonanca Boy Scout Teepees. There are several teepees in the campground for camping. This campground is often visited by many scouting groups in the area.  It is renowned as a tourist attraction. The boy scout of the Philippines has one of it's training centers located here. 


We also visited one of the tourist spots known as Vista del Mar. We planned to swim here and enjoy the sun however the it is not highly recommended because the beach front and even the shallow part of the water is bombarded with rocks and filled with sea weeds. Not the ideal type. We enjoyed the scenery and the peaceful waves that comes with the experience though.

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