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/ Tuesday, February 7, 2012 /

Oh  BOHOL!  The first thing that comes into my mind when i hear about this city is the classic Chocolate Hills. Secondly, the well-renowned eye-popping small creatures we call Tarsiers.

1. When you reach Bohol and you spend time here as tourist, you will ofcourse ask what are the delicacies that is found/made uniquely in Bohol. The two most recommended would always be PEANUT KISSES and CALAMAY.

 2. Boholanos pride themselves in making crafts

Have you ever wondered how many hills there really are? 1,268 chocolate hills. The Chocolate Hills are probably Bohol's most famous tourist attraction. The hills are covered in green grass that turns brown during the dry season, giving them the name ''Chocolate Hills. Referred as Jewels of the Philippines, this is located in Carmen, Bohol, an approximately an hour and a half away from they city proper.

At the top of the hill, you can also see there are a lot of things and food you can buy. It might be more pricey though. Ooops. :) If you plan to buy souvenirs it will be best to buy in the city where price range of shirts and goods would be net price more or less. On the average, shirt souvenirs are sold for P220. You can, however see same shirts that will cost you less in Loboc River stalls which gave me shirts priced at P190.

And of course, a vacation and tourist spot would not be complete without the oh so friendly vendors of glam! Here in the picture below was a last minute capture but i just had to take a shot because i love the colors of all the jewelries that they sell!
4. Hanging Bridge

Across the upper part of the Loboc River in Bohol is a hanging bamboo bridge that is a major tourist attraction. Located in the municipality of Sevilla, Bohol, the 'Sipatan Haging Bridge' more commonly known for the name of Hanging Bridge of Bohol is more or less 40 meters long which crosses the Sipatan River. 

Composed of Bamboos and hardened steels which was initially used by locals to cross the river to the other side, it hangs approximately 25 meters above the water and it sways back and forth as you pass! It seems to me that the bridge was moving against my steps and feels like i was in an action movie the whole time! I had to rush to the other side of the rope because we were in a hurry that time. Good thing my sister was able to capture some memorable pictures to freeze those 'fear factor' moments! 

5.  Bilar Man-made Forest (drive thru)

In the 1960's, a nationwide reforestation program was launched by the government under, then president, Diosdado Macapagal. It was actually spearheaded by then governor Lino Chatto,  that thousands of Mahogany seedlings were to be planted on a cleared area of 857.4 hectares in Bilar and Loboc towns. 

The lush green forest is being enjoyed by everyone who passes through it. Thousands of Mahogany trees can be seen here in Bilar's Man-made Forest along the road as you travel to Chocolate Hills. A sidetrip can be refreshing as the ambience is cool and peaceful.

Tarsier Experience and 'Prony the Python' are up in the next blog!


{ Gerene } on: February 7, 2012 at 5:53 PM said...

I used to be addicted to Peanut Kisses!! Now I miss it. I hope you didn't miss meeting the tarsisers!

{ riverbythetree } on: February 7, 2012 at 8:48 PM said...

wow Gerene thanks for the response! Oh we did bring home a BOX of Peanut Kisses! Too many we had to have an extra luggage! :) Meeting with the Tarsiers will be in another blog, maybe tmr! :)

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