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How great it feels to do Gardening!

Have your ever heard your grandmother say."Talk to your plants, they listen to you"? Did you believe her? Well for me i honestly do remember this very clearly and i take it to consideration that i bring this attitude in everything i see. I know that they are alive and abundant in nurture and they too would like to make beautiful bearings for you. I believe that plants have feelings and they breathe and live like us, humans. They need to be taken cared of, put in a well conducive environment, and needs sunshine and love to grow.

This morning, this is exactly what I did, i spent time with my plants and did a pretty good job in gardening. My love for this started for since childhood, and my interest was re sparked when my high school best friend gave me a give, a plant Aloe Vera, placed in a plain and beautiful small pot almost 6 years ago. (Rare and unique gift to give isn't?) I loved it. And i thought it was the most special gift i have received yet in my life. It created such an impact to me for the fact that it's  not the cost that matters, but the thought that comes with what she has given you. (Thank you Bianca! Yes I'm actually talking about you! :) A plant as a gift, is not like other gifts that you can use today and don't know where you placed it the next day. Neither is it a gift to be consumed in a time-specific boundary.  I treat that special present to me with grace and proper care and it didn't take much of my effort to make it bountiful. Yes, it is still with me. And in our glorious garden is where it resides now. Or shall i say, there is where THEY reside now.:)

This morning i had the privilege to have the time to pay a visit to these amazing creations of God. I was stunned with how much they multiplied. Yes, it has been nearly 5-6 years since i first started taking care of it, and now i needed to have an assistant in transferring these aloe veras in different pots because placing them in just one container makes it look too crowded and just hinders the growth in the roots. Now i have 6 more pots to where they are now beautifully placed. One root for every pot. I had to gather new good soil where to plant these aloes and decorated them in front of our garden where the sun can really give good sunlight. I love them! a decade from now, i still am looking forward that they are still alive and continue to grow!

A memory of the past can really be stretched when taken good care!:)

Something to take note:

Aloe vera also called Aloe is a plant originally from Africa. The long, green leaves contain aloe gel and a sticky yellow residue called latex. Most commonly know uses of Aloe vera are burn healing, wound healing, sunburn, radiation-induced skin reactions, genital herpes. It is also used for ulcers, diabetes, immune support, constipation. Aloe vera also contains almost 75 known ingredients and more than 200 compounds that make it a potent medicinal herb. These include:
  • Enzymes that help in digestion and reduce inflammation
  • All vitamins except vitamin D
  • Minerals required for enzyme function
  • Long chain sugars to re-balance the digestive system
  • Saponins, which have anti-microbial effect
  • 20 of the 22 amino acids


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