Vic Sotto in the House

/ Thursday, November 10, 2011 /

What I do like most about him is his true sense of self. If he doesn't want it, he doesn't say anything otherwise. He is known for his 'uphand presence' that many even his co-hosts cannot easily make conversations with him and true enough, he really doesn't like digging into things and socializing. For his age, he is hip and cool, laid back and just wants things to be very smooth.

At this very moment when this picture was captured, I felt I like him.I like him as a person. Not that I dislike many people, however, I have that gift to see which people shows their true self instantly and those who mask and try to be someone else for that matter. Vic and I were sitting next to each other during Pauleen's Birthday and he was quiet with that strong presence. While some has been trying to catch his attention by dancing and being wild, springing back and forth the pool and lounge area, he made a small talk to me and that made me felt honored. Well particularly, this is exactly what he said after a short intro about me "Natutuwa ka ba sa mga ganyan?" Pertaining to some of those whom I have just mentioned. And then I said"haha, Okey lang. They really are like that." He said, "Nako ayoko talaga niyan, parang papansin." And I just smiled. :) Cause he was upfront in telling me those! :) hahaha But it felt like time froze when we talk that time, it  felt that I have had an instant connection or something that's electrifying. Would want to get to know more about him soon!

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