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Create a Life that Gets You Excited!

Have you ever felt like there’s one thing you were born to do, and you’re not doing it?

I don’t personally subscribe to the idea that I was born to do one specific thing, I believe there are certain paths that will provide a far greater sense of purpose and fulfillment than others.
I also believe it can be difficult to identify those paths when we’re out of touch with ourselves, divorced from our instincts, confused about our priorities, and overwhelmed by obstacles.

..Go back to your past and remove those constaints that were place on you by others.

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Who is Tyler Perry? 

Actor Tyler Perry is Hollywood's highest paid man.

 Actor Tyler Perry, or Emmitt Perry Jr. in real life is an incredibly successful man who has his own film and TV studio in Atlanta, and ranks atop the list of Hollywood's highest paid men, in a new ranking from Forbes.com that includes director Steven Spielberg and singer Elton John.  He topped the list by making $130 million from May 2010 to May 2011, financial website Forbes.com. 

The actor, writer, director and producer had his Hollywood breakthrough with 2005 film "Diary of a Mad Black Woman," which he created as a stage play. 

What makes me blog about him? See it for yourself why i think he is one  Amazing Person.
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 Today, what I would like to share with you a powerful mindset.
 "You Become What You Think"
  1. Be loving toward everyone you meet.
  2. Forgive all who attempt to harm you.
  3. You become what you think.
  4. Look for ways to strengthen those who have less than you have.
  5. Always seek knowledge and truth.
  6. Always be honest.
  7. Never waste what you are given.
  8. Be grateful for all that you have.
  9. Develop a spirit of optimism.
  10. Have faith in something greater than yourself.
Little by little my attitude improved, and as my attitude improved, I began to enjoy my life more and more . The idea that "you become what you think" is a crucial and powerful mindset that is known by many, but represented by a few. Being scared is normal and you are in perfect shape. Nothing is wrong about you. What might be wrong, are the THINGS THAT SURROUNDS YOU. Consider that reinforcing a bad habit of working on negative ideas is a mortal sin to yourself.

Ways to use "You become what you think" to your advantage is first of all, be a POSITIVE PERSON. Think positively, Talk positively, Do positive things. Secondly, get rid of hindrances. Treat them as garbage that needs IMMEDIATE disposal. It doesn't mean you want to abandon those negative areas (let's be honest, some people can't get enough of holding us back) in your life; however it just means that you love yourself enough to look past the things that stops you from excelling.
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                             Grateful people get more of what they’re grateful for.  

If we’re grateful for success, happiness, blessings and all the good things that comes our way, we’ll have more happiness and love. If we’re grateful for even the smallest good things that we encounter, may it be finding a penny along the road while going to work, or having a good time with friends and family, still doing a job that we are good at, or even still having food to be served to you on the meal table, these are all blessings we sometimes overlook and take for granted. The word 'granted' maybe similar to what we coin as 'wish'; which means to want, to desire, or to long for. However since God is very generous, he gives us blessings in abundance and we sometimes forget how it feels like having none of these.
I once read that being grateful goes hand in hand with how much more you'll receive. However, in the same way, 'grumbling people' get more of what they grumble about.

If you grumble about your problems, you’ll have more problems. If you grumble about lack, you'll be teeming more lack in your life. Don't you just feel overwhelmed at what God has done over the past years? Be grateful and be bountiful in giving it to other people, that you may be the medium of God to those who needs appreciation the most. My last year may have brought me a lot of struggles,and conflicts have arisen in different aspects in my life. Nonetheless, it was amazing to reap the least for it brought me to greater heights.
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I have been thinking lately, how i would want to see myself when i look back, years from now. I may be 30 years old, have a well-fit body, long chocolate brown hair, and living my life to the fullest. I wonder though what I would be doing by that time. What drives me and motivates me and what is the kind of work i would be pursuing.  As for now, I am 21 years of age and I am in the process of soul-searching and determining how to combine my passions and energy in the "real world." I know it will be something revolving around  helping other people and connecting bridges of art, food, great lifestyle and travel. I definitely would keep a blog site to where i can share all the wonderful places, amazing food that will surely tantalize our senses, and interesting hot spots that will surely captivate venture-seeking minds.  I am geared towards my professional stability; moreover, I would like to put up an Art class for kids that will nurture and foster intelligent minds in the making. Creative juices combine!

I have read a book entitled, "The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die."  This book is rich with anecdotes and insights that broaden your perspective on life and deepen your commitment to live your very best. There it says..you got to see your present as picturing yourself as an old lady/old man in a rocking chair, by the window near the porch. Alone as you are, you must see and feel, what makes you as a person at the time you are of that age (I imagined myself to be  70 years old by then). Being in the position to look back at your past successes (or failures),  you feel all the emotions that comes with everything you have done during your younger years. The years you spent during high school and college, the friends you chose to hang out with during your classes, the decisions you made after graduation, the people you chose to stick with early on, the ventures you tried and the people you shared moments with, the profession you did and the attitude and values that resided inside you. 
All of these are HERE AND NOW. You are making your rear view mirror as pristine clear as possible by doing this. Makes sense doesn't it? 
How ironic that people tend to focus living in the future when the present is very much alive before our eyes. Makes me say, " Everything I ever wanted in goodwill could have been done and limitations are only imaginations of the ridicule minds". God didn't make ignoble minds. These are distorted illusions of the people/things around us that  are insecure and so incapacitated to the fear of you, reaching your goals and being successful. How contemptible! Stand up, do your work excellently in all aspects. Life is served.

By this time i have decided to stick to posting blogs online to share my creativity and intuitive perspectives on everything around us. Cheers guys!

 Lots of Love, Margaret :)

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