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 Today, what I would like to share with you a powerful mindset.
 "You Become What You Think"
  1. Be loving toward everyone you meet.
  2. Forgive all who attempt to harm you.
  3. You become what you think.
  4. Look for ways to strengthen those who have less than you have.
  5. Always seek knowledge and truth.
  6. Always be honest.
  7. Never waste what you are given.
  8. Be grateful for all that you have.
  9. Develop a spirit of optimism.
  10. Have faith in something greater than yourself.
Little by little my attitude improved, and as my attitude improved, I began to enjoy my life more and more . The idea that "you become what you think" is a crucial and powerful mindset that is known by many, but represented by a few. Being scared is normal and you are in perfect shape. Nothing is wrong about you. What might be wrong, are the THINGS THAT SURROUNDS YOU. Consider that reinforcing a bad habit of working on negative ideas is a mortal sin to yourself.

Ways to use "You become what you think" to your advantage is first of all, be a POSITIVE PERSON. Think positively, Talk positively, Do positive things. Secondly, get rid of hindrances. Treat them as garbage that needs IMMEDIATE disposal. It doesn't mean you want to abandon those negative areas (let's be honest, some people can't get enough of holding us back) in your life; however it just means that you love yourself enough to look past the things that stops you from excelling.


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