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                             Grateful people get more of what they’re grateful for.  

If we’re grateful for success, happiness, blessings and all the good things that comes our way, we’ll have more happiness and love. If we’re grateful for even the smallest good things that we encounter, may it be finding a penny along the road while going to work, or having a good time with friends and family, still doing a job that we are good at, or even still having food to be served to you on the meal table, these are all blessings we sometimes overlook and take for granted. The word 'granted' maybe similar to what we coin as 'wish'; which means to want, to desire, or to long for. However since God is very generous, he gives us blessings in abundance and we sometimes forget how it feels like having none of these.
I once read that being grateful goes hand in hand with how much more you'll receive. However, in the same way, 'grumbling people' get more of what they grumble about.

If you grumble about your problems, you’ll have more problems. If you grumble about lack, you'll be teeming more lack in your life. Don't you just feel overwhelmed at what God has done over the past years? Be grateful and be bountiful in giving it to other people, that you may be the medium of God to those who needs appreciation the most. My last year may have brought me a lot of struggles,and conflicts have arisen in different aspects in my life. Nonetheless, it was amazing to reap the least for it brought me to greater heights.


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