Centerings: VMOBILE

/ Sunday, April 29, 2012 /

 This was during my first formal NTO Training for VMOBILE. Our group is currently not as stable as I hoped it would be but that's the reason why I know that as a leader, I must expand my knowledge and go back to the very basic and foundation of the business. Learn it well and apply to be able to build a strong network and then Leverage. Personally, my goal in this business is simple: FINANCIAL FREEDOM at a young age. I know that taking this opportunity and owning it to brighten my future would not only be a success for my financial targets; moreover as my own personal training on how to deal with people, handling problems and coming up with solutions that would be for the best interest of everybody. What I like about my work is that I also get to have A LOT of new connections and gain friends. My initial perspective of only honing my skills in business was challenged as well, and I am very grateful because this makes me learn on a very personal basis throughout the entire course.

The most challenging part was building confidence in 'owning' it. Some challenges that I faced as well were people who lacked motivation easily and those who have'poor mind's mindset' according to Robert Kiyosaki (author). I'd be honest, a couple of times I considered other work-related opportunities; however, there seem to be a mysterious misfit just about every time and it makes me wonder, "Is this God's sign that I should focus on one goal and make it work?" Here's an opportunity, a very big marketing company whose ideas are very favorable to a vast target and would help people realize that there's more to employment than that of which we were all trained to think.


Dinner at Luk foo

/ Monday, April 23, 2012 /


And just because we enjoy food so much, we had to take a dinner trip at Luk Foo! :) Chinese Restaurant now for a change. Where we went was in Commonwealth/Tandang Sora area and we had so much to fill our stomachs with great tasting, appetite bursting treats!

Chill Sunday

/ Saturday, April 21, 2012 /
Good morning! Have a great Sunday everyone :)

In the Social Scene with Bianca Lopez

/ Wednesday, April 18, 2012 /
So sharing bits and parcels of myself here is somewhat helpful and a breeze-through of my every day life and I would like to update this as often as I could therefore now it's booked marked as a tab on my browser :) 

However, I think it would also be interesting to write about other people too, don't you think so? 
I decided that starting this day, I might post and write about some of the customary to exceptional people whom I have shared my time and friendship with. Some people are amazing on their own without needing to place a title on who they are and what they are doing. 

It's Wednesday and I've got the chance to bond with one of the loveliest girls I know in college. I graduated from University of Santo Tomas with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Anyone who studied Nursing is familiar with the small group circle inside a classroom wherein usually you are divided per batch based on your surnames which we term as 'RLE'. Her name is Bianca Lopez and one of the friends I made through-out my college years. 

Early April this year, she has received the good news that she passed the board of Nursing (NCLEX).  Come MAY 2012, she would be going to the states where her parents are and would be working as a full-pledge nurse. I admire this young lady for having a sense of direction and  keen attention in discerning the things that she would want to have in life. She candidly shared with me her plans of making it into the big stream of business likely 5 years after working as a nurse. She has always been like that, very organized and systematic, responsible daughter and student and a very reliable friend. We had the opportunity to have a little get together and eat dinner at Red Kimono weeks before she flies to US.
 It was over-all a great time to catch up after a year since graduation!


Exotic Foods? NO THANK YOU :)

/ Thursday, April 12, 2012 /

There's a super skim line of eating the foods that I could actually put  on my tongue, munch with my teeth and digest inside my stomach, and some of which that just doesn't fit that category AT ALL. I do NOT eat exotic foods and not anyone can make me eat them. Seriously, don't even try contemplating about it. :)

I mean it!  Don't mention it if you're with me, travelling or create that illusion where we'll be in a market place loaded with over stuffed exotic goodies; cause you'd see somebody from  behind, puking at the very first glance I see those weird creatures being fried, sold, and eaten by people.

Peace Ciao!

Fell Love at First Sight

/ Tuesday, April 10, 2012 /
Very beautiful, individualized and crafted with sexiness! Are you ready for cute, young, fresh new vibe? 
Resist the urge of the normal heels with this one! Found it from ZALORA, people will definitely notice you with this look! ZALORA is a local brand here in the Philippines who styles ladies to the next level. ACHIEVE!

Sisterly Love

/ Sunday, April 8, 2012 /

My blog entry today is all about the special people whom you have grown up with, in most of the years in your whole lifetime; SIBLINGS! They are those who stood by you as you live through your life, asked you a lot of favors and do the same for you; those who make your day extra-ordinary and at times can so easily make you feel cranky and astonishingly annoyed. These are just some experiences I share with my own sisters.

In my family, I am second to the eldest along with my three beautiful sisters Steph, Chela and Maja. I grew up being both independent and dependent and I was gracefully raised by my loving parents. I make sure that I always stand by the side of my sisters whenever they ask help and would give way when they need my time and effort. And with that, I always feel their loving and joyful company every now and then. Most of the time, my two younger sisters spend afternoons using the laptop, downloading latest songs in Youtube, going through TUMBLR, raiding the fridge, or sleeping on my bed. Whatever they are doing, I find them amusing because they are having so much fun sharing interests together. I try to fit into their genre and interests all the time though our gap is 6 years and more. I have a different set of goals and aspirations knowing that I am leaning 22 years old this year, but I do enjoy what I'm doing even if this will tempt them call me 'trying hard' :) hahaha! I'll never get tired being the big sister I am.  I'll never get tired of doing the same routine cause it makes me so happy and gives me a sense of accomplishment. I love being a sister!

My Little Soldiers

/ Friday, April 6, 2012 /

What i have been accustomed doing everyday is kiss my two hands and 
constantly thanking God for giving me 2 hands and 10 fingers.
2 Feet and 10 fingers down there too.
We may sometimes take for granted these little things but if they are taken by God from us, 
it would have been a very different scenario.
I do not wait for that time so that I can appreciate what I have.
My blessings is abundant and I have much compared to what other people have
and I have the duty to give back
And I let God use me as His instrument in bringing about change to others

How To Get Rich by Felix Dennis

/ Thursday, April 5, 2012 /

Another brutal truth, in which I believe anyone wanting to become rich must confront, is the fear of failure. I believe no amount of books will set anyone afraid to fail free. This one I keep in mind:

 “be prepared to remain relatively poor if you will not confront and harness this human emotion, which is fear. In fact, in my years of experience in business, I am convinced that fear of failing in the eyes of the world is the single biggest impediment to amassing wealth."

People who are afraid to fail never get started. People who surrender to it becomes paralyzed and defeated. Nobody becomes wealthy surrendering to fear. Trust me on this cause you're listening to a post-victim herself. Now let's see where life will bring me. I just have to make sure it's a quest towards a rich and successful life!

PS. Sometimes, you just really need to be unreasonable and unstoppable :)

What Does it Really Take to be Successful?

/ /

                  And so tonight on a Maundy Thursday, I'm facing my laptop for what seems to be four hours  now, thoroughly and patiently been reading and understanding a lot about Financial Investments, Money growth, Freedom accounts, Millionaire Minds and so forth. 
                 With that, I would be sharing one of the millionaires I admire (although he does not belong to the popular likes of Kiyosaki and Trump), Felix Dennis, a British self-made millionaire said if you want to be rich, you must grow a carapace

"To grow a carapace, you make it as your own mental armour. Thick enough to shrug off the inevitable sniggering and malicious mockery that will follow your inevitable failures, not to mention the poorly hidden envy that will accompany your eventual success."

Look how cute this is! :)

/ Tuesday, April 3, 2012 /
 First time I saw this, I was wondering what could have caused this puppy to be startled.
Maybe he just woke up and it's a reflex action?
Maybe someone has been trying to surprise him.
What ever may that be, he's just too cute to look at!! :)

One of the Best Letters

/ Monday, April 2, 2012 /
When sisters fight and she says sorry. 

There is No Fear where Faith in God Dwells

/ /

Are you one of those people with a mind wandering around, 
floating into the space in a world full of challenges and uncertainties?
Afraid of doing a step that may sooner leave you with regret
Anxious of what the people around you might say and speak of your name?

Do not give power to things, conditions, people or circumstances. Do not be afraid of anything or any person; for the only enemy you can have is your own negative fearful thought. Cease transferring the power which is within yourself to sticks and stones and foolish opinion of others. All of your fears and anxieties are caused by your belief in external powers, all of which are based on ignorance.

Think of your true goals and ideals whereby you give your energy to your desires, aspirations and ambitions rather than to conditions and circumstances. Love your ideal until you become closely absorbed and engrossed with it. 
Let the old, worthless thoughts die.

Delays and blocks is our own negative, fearful, anxious mind.

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