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/ Wednesday, April 18, 2012 /
So sharing bits and parcels of myself here is somewhat helpful and a breeze-through of my every day life and I would like to update this as often as I could therefore now it's booked marked as a tab on my browser :) 

However, I think it would also be interesting to write about other people too, don't you think so? 
I decided that starting this day, I might post and write about some of the customary to exceptional people whom I have shared my time and friendship with. Some people are amazing on their own without needing to place a title on who they are and what they are doing. 

It's Wednesday and I've got the chance to bond with one of the loveliest girls I know in college. I graduated from University of Santo Tomas with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Anyone who studied Nursing is familiar with the small group circle inside a classroom wherein usually you are divided per batch based on your surnames which we term as 'RLE'. Her name is Bianca Lopez and one of the friends I made through-out my college years. 

Early April this year, she has received the good news that she passed the board of Nursing (NCLEX).  Come MAY 2012, she would be going to the states where her parents are and would be working as a full-pledge nurse. I admire this young lady for having a sense of direction and  keen attention in discerning the things that she would want to have in life. She candidly shared with me her plans of making it into the big stream of business likely 5 years after working as a nurse. She has always been like that, very organized and systematic, responsible daughter and student and a very reliable friend. We had the opportunity to have a little get together and eat dinner at Red Kimono weeks before she flies to US.
 It was over-all a great time to catch up after a year since graduation!



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