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/ Sunday, April 29, 2012 /

 This was during my first formal NTO Training for VMOBILE. Our group is currently not as stable as I hoped it would be but that's the reason why I know that as a leader, I must expand my knowledge and go back to the very basic and foundation of the business. Learn it well and apply to be able to build a strong network and then Leverage. Personally, my goal in this business is simple: FINANCIAL FREEDOM at a young age. I know that taking this opportunity and owning it to brighten my future would not only be a success for my financial targets; moreover as my own personal training on how to deal with people, handling problems and coming up with solutions that would be for the best interest of everybody. What I like about my work is that I also get to have A LOT of new connections and gain friends. My initial perspective of only honing my skills in business was challenged as well, and I am very grateful because this makes me learn on a very personal basis throughout the entire course.

The most challenging part was building confidence in 'owning' it. Some challenges that I faced as well were people who lacked motivation easily and those who have'poor mind's mindset' according to Robert Kiyosaki (author). I'd be honest, a couple of times I considered other work-related opportunities; however, there seem to be a mysterious misfit just about every time and it makes me wonder, "Is this God's sign that I should focus on one goal and make it work?" Here's an opportunity, a very big marketing company whose ideas are very favorable to a vast target and would help people realize that there's more to employment than that of which we were all trained to think.



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