Sisterly Love

/ Sunday, April 8, 2012 /

My blog entry today is all about the special people whom you have grown up with, in most of the years in your whole lifetime; SIBLINGS! They are those who stood by you as you live through your life, asked you a lot of favors and do the same for you; those who make your day extra-ordinary and at times can so easily make you feel cranky and astonishingly annoyed. These are just some experiences I share with my own sisters.

In my family, I am second to the eldest along with my three beautiful sisters Steph, Chela and Maja. I grew up being both independent and dependent and I was gracefully raised by my loving parents. I make sure that I always stand by the side of my sisters whenever they ask help and would give way when they need my time and effort. And with that, I always feel their loving and joyful company every now and then. Most of the time, my two younger sisters spend afternoons using the laptop, downloading latest songs in Youtube, going through TUMBLR, raiding the fridge, or sleeping on my bed. Whatever they are doing, I find them amusing because they are having so much fun sharing interests together. I try to fit into their genre and interests all the time though our gap is 6 years and more. I have a different set of goals and aspirations knowing that I am leaning 22 years old this year, but I do enjoy what I'm doing even if this will tempt them call me 'trying hard' :) hahaha! I'll never get tired being the big sister I am.  I'll never get tired of doing the same routine cause it makes me so happy and gives me a sense of accomplishment. I love being a sister!


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