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/ Monday, February 6, 2012 /

I like to share to you one of the sketches i did while waiting for the plane to touchdown. This brings me back to my core interest of drawing!  

It's not a living, it's a fun way to live. That's how i see myself whenever i do art and portraits. I never had the chance to enroll in an art class and be taught by a professional artist; which gets me excited because I'm planning to be mentored by one soon! 

My love for painting too  will soon compel you with fascination (okay that was an exaggeration), but i know for sure it will enthrall you, if not completely persuade you to do some art too. :)

For now, I'm sharing to you bits and pieces of my persona and as days go by, I will keep on posting more  works which i will be continually be offering to God who gave me the skills, and to you who will be doing these too! :)


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