/ Thursday, July 12, 2012 /

Feels like there's a hole inside my heart
Burning it to pieces, burning like ashes
I couldn't take back time.

But If you could, What could have you done another way if time can be reversed all over again?
For me, it's tormenting to know how much time was wasted
College was over and it just keeps sinking in as I rewind
The times i spent mocking myself, locking to the depths of humanly impossible people
I was unknowingly wasting the time I could have spent realizing who I am in this world
And what I can give and what I can offer

How tormenting and scrutinizing
How drastically painful as it still slashes my heart now that years have passed by
Tears on cheeks falling immensely, regrets and mistakes are memories made
I gasp for air yet can't seem to lighten the burden that heavily surrounds my entirety

Decisions done carelessly and hastily are the worst ones I have and will ever have again
Breaks my heart that I am hopeless with how it all turned out to be
I have not gotten what I wish for myself
But I would be strong and carry on.



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