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"The surest way to become, is to playact" -unknown

Oh I love this topic. It emphasizes the message that whenever you wish to change yourself but find it difficult, start as children pretending that you already are. As you play at being you wish to become, the playact itself will surely transform you.

A lot of times we become doubtful of ourselves, myself included; and during these times we feel so caught up and the grapple of chains around our throats cuts the air we breathe in. Okay that was an exaggeration; but still, look at how many men and women for that matter, capitulates to the belief of the society that you are NOT GOOD ENOUGH? Get done with it. Remind yourself that whatever makes you happy, you deserve it. And even before you discovered what makes you happy in life, God has already equipped you with the things you need in order to achieve them. GO GET THEM!

Believe that you're always up to meaningful things. Today is the best day for you to get going on something totally new. You ought to be able to get a lot of things done by doing the playact. You'll sure to find a strong support system behind you, myself included.


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