All Souls Day/JAMES BOND-ing

/ Thursday, November 1, 2012 /

1. I realize how much waste i have for not excelling in singing after I heard this.
WARNING: Her voice is addicting

2. I notice I have been always having a fight with my boyfriend #tired #lay-off

3. As much as I tried to, I couldn't keep up with home exercises I started a few weeks ago and also about updating this freaking awesome blog! HAHA!


Yesterday I woke up at 6 am and made myself prepare. It has been an obligation well, yes, to go to our cemetery in La Loma/ North Cemetery every November 1 to remember our beloved departed ones. There lies in the grave are my great-grand parents. Awesome. Stayed and prayed rosary. I met 3rd degree cousins I have never met before. Okay, so.. I have around 10 new relatives now. :)

#Awesomefact Our 'monumentos' there that serve as houses for the departed ones in the family was built over 50 years already or so I have heard. He, and the cousins of my Lolo had planned this and each family's 'rock house' were built one beside the other. Now that it was built that way, it's easier for families to meet up especially during All Souls day.

By 3 in the afternoon, we left the cemetery and ate heavy merienda in Causeway, a Chinese restaurant along congressional. Wasn't able to take pictures :( (#boohoo). By 6 pm, we were on our way to SM North to catch I MAX Movie of Skyfall: JAMES BOND. Daym daming tao! There was a long line in the ticket area and we ended buying the regular ticket shows or that movie cause the IMAX would be showing at around 9 pm pa. Was with Lolo, Maja and Ayo :)

All in all, yesterday was good vibes.
PS. Panay good Vibes na lang tatanggapin ko. The rest, 'chupe! *wink*


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