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/ Monday, October 15, 2012 /
Once I applied for a job.
Something that I was interested in and qualified for.
Gathered courage and tried.

I met some new faces and talked to one
Since the first glance, I had already thought she's a show-stopper
I talked to her and quite became friends

All while waiting for our interview,
she candidly shared a lot about herself
Quite frankly, resume's pretty impressive doing that masters degree and all
After interview, we're selected and both were asked to come back
However, circumstances have changed and neither of us continued our application

Now we're still connected, she headed the same path for another prestigious company
We're friends but with all friendly msgs I engaged in, she responded to none

It's quite disappointing
But also quite interesting to share it to my future self

Not all people you like will remain the same. Most of them change.
(Whether you like it or not)

She now exudes this quite intimidating persona that she's of high statute
Well that's okay, it's her life not mine.
She's nice but after gaining a titled position; she somewhat carries it all over her head

Sad to know how high the tendency rate it is for the mankind to 'suck-it-up' all in.
The achievements, the positions, the gains, the money, the skills and talents ..
this my friend, are all BESTOWED.

Lucky for you who have been blessed.
And I hate to break this to you, but it's not justified that you flip your wings and sweep everyone to fall on their feet to your pure 'awesome-ness'.

Bring it to your heart, not all the way up to your head. And spread your arms to others, not your wings. That my friend, is a point I just have discussed.



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