Focus on your strength and forget your weakness

/ Monday, October 15, 2012 /
"When you have a strength, you also have a weakness. And that’s okay. Let me give you my controversial point: Focus on your strength and forget your weakness. Often, our school system aims to produce well-rounded students who are jack-of-all-trades, but masters of none. Believe me, that’s the recipe for mediocrity. Successful people aren’t well-rounded people—they’re extremely fantastic in one specific field and a total nincompoop in other fields."

The first thing you need to do in knowing where you should be is finding out WHO you are.You are a DISTINCT personality.

People around come up to you ask ask or your help because you have such a 'killer' skill in nailing it.

List your strengths and weaknesses and you'll be enthralled knowing more about yourself. :) 

"Do you want to be successful in life? Focus, focus, focus. Be good in one thing. Be a master of one skill and make that your special gift to the world."


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