Manila we Depart for Now

/ Thursday, June 21, 2012 /
Feels like the days have gone sooo fast! And here I am, standing/sitting/walking or whatever I am doing, very thankful about all the blessing that has come my way. Sure there have been tons of road blocks.. but who cares? I couldn't see myself fixing them all one by one by one, cause even when I'm in my retiring age, those problems will never go away. These are the things we must accept but it's good! It challenges you and me, and it keeps us getting better than we used to be! ,t just means were still alive for a reason and that we are living for a wonderful purpose. :)

Ok so now, I just had a full blast demarcation line that was drawn in guess which Philippine island this time? Yes! PALAWAN! Oh my goodness, the city of wonderful, very beautiful nature, I can't emphasize more how amazing this place is with all the rich and good creations all over. :)

JUNE 17, 2012

Tickets for FOUR! :)

At the airport while waiting for departure. At dahil conyo kami, we were sitting on the 
floor cause I was charging my phone on the wall side. :)

See you in 2-3 hours!


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