McChicken-Fries Bus Fest!

/ Monday, May 28, 2012 /

With my very very good friend BIANCA!! :) What I love the most about her is that she's always on the go and can be very spontaneous! :)  Meeting at MCDO Tandang Sora, we agreed to go together to the Mall of Asia. At the area, I arrived minutes earlier and then I decided to buy Chicken with rice since I thought we'll be running a little later. Just after I bought my meal, here she comes and she's hungry too! But we both suggested that we buy  food as TAKE-OUT so we can save time and give a lee-way for what might be a traffic jam. :)

Woah, feeels like heaven~! I was just talking about this exact food craving of Chicken Burger with fries with my boyfriend Krey and I really really do wish he was with us at that very moment! The excitement and the adrenaline rush of eating outside the fast food and taking it with us while we happily wait until we reached our destination was surreal. SATISFYING EXPERIENCE!! :)

Will definitely do it again! <3


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